There is a popular misconception that Wedding Planners are a luxury but we can assure you that simply isn’t true. All of our clients have seen us as an absolute necessity and some of the reasons include:

To save you money…

A wedding is undeniably an expensive occasion where costs can easily escalate. Through our connections and tough negotiation we can in fact save you money and help you stay within budget, so in effect the cost of using our services is dramatically reduced.

To save you time…

Planning a wedding is a complex task and it’s easy for couples to under-estimate the time it actually takes. With longer working hours and hectic social lives it’s not surprising that finding the time is difficult. It is also incredibly time consuming spending hours trailing the internet and attending bridal fayres to find those perfect suppliers that fit your budget and taste.

To alleviate stress…

With so many things to arrange it’s hard to know where to begin. You may at various points feel completely overwhelmed by the endless and growing lists of tasks and pressure from family, whereas you should be enjoying every moment of the planning process.
To use the experience of a professional…Without having any experience in organizing a wedding before how can you be confident in choosing reliable and high caliber suppliers, selecting the perfect venue or not forgetting something? With such a momentous occasion you don’t want to look back and wish you’d done things differently or be disappointed on the day.
So in short, DC Entertainment can save you time, money and a lot of stress, transform your dreams into reality and ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day really does exceed all expectations.

DC entertainment can make your occasion a memorable one. All the hard work of putting a wedding together or an event,covering the legal aspects right up to finalizing the after party arrangement. We can handle everything from planning your wedding, organizing the invites, the religious ceremony, the reception and the after party (inclusive of caterer, venue, decor, music, entertainment, choir, photography, Video, transport, souvenirs, grooming services etc.)

Dc Entertainment will make sure that Your wedding will be personal and unique!During the first complimentary meeting,Danny will discuss how to make your dream wedding a reality. Looking at every detail in depth, so that your celebration will flow effortlessly. Quite simply, He will orchestrate the most perfect, stress-free day filled with nothing but magical moments.