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Partial Planning

This service is designed for clients who wish to plan a certain percentage of their special day, but may have underestimated the work involved, therefore need professional support and advice. Again, this is tailored to your personal requirements..

Venue Search

Finding the perfect venue can be a daunting prospect as it will be the back drop to your wedding and undoubtedly set the tone for your day. With so many options out there, it can be very time-consuming spending hours trawling the internet to find suitable options that fit your budget and taste.

Wedding Styling

You may already have some ideas about the color theme, and look, for your wedding; or you may feel overwhelmed by the options available. We can use our creative know-how and wealth of resources to provide endless ideas to give you inspiration or develop an idea to make your vision a reality.

Welcome guest....!!

DC entertainment can make your occasion a memorable one. All the hard work of putting a wedding together or an event,covering the legal aspects right up to finalizing the after party arrangement. We can handle everything from planning your wedding, organizing the invites, the religious ceremony, the reception and the after party (inclusive of caterer, venue, decor, music, entertainment, choir, photography, Video, transport, souvenirs, grooming services etc.)
Dc Entertainment will make sure that Your wedding will be personal and unique!During the first complimentary meeting,Danny will discuss how to make your dream wedding a reality. Looking at every detail in depth, so that your celebration will flow effortlessly. Quite simply, He will orchestrate the most perfect, stress-free day filled with nothing but magical moments.

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